No Dreamer

Dreams will never come true. My life is like a baby, it sucks people into it, then spits them back out when they've ruined my life enough. I'm just saying, what is the point of relying on wishes and ambitions?

Dreams are not real. They make you feel asif you are in a fantasy land. But however weird they are, however amazing, they arn't real. Dreams can't come true either. You may have a dream about growing wings or being a famous superstar athlete who can break any world record, but they will never happen. It's the same with wishes. You can't expect to wish upon a star and by magic it will come true. I mean, its a ball of gas. My guess is that it won't give you a second thought...not that stars can think. But anyway, I don't get why people rely on wishes and dreams and ambitions. It's life. You don't plan it out. You just get what it throws at you. Like I could dream about being the worlds best singer, but it will never happen, so why bother thinking of the impossible?

The End

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