No Concern?

"So, today class, we all learnt something of evolution. We looked at human evolution to date and some of the basics around natural selection ".  Mrs Higgs slowly placed on her desk the papers she was holding and looked thoughtfully around the group in front of her, all eyes focused, silent in anctipation.

What I would like for homework please, is for you to go away and research fiction/non fiction, films, art and the internet for ideas and inspiration as to what the future genetic progress of man.may look like. 

I'd then like you to write your own historical summary as if you are living in the year 3000. The piece should be about significant genetic developments / mutations that occured to man during 2000 - 3000. Please also include in your essay how these came about and the impact these changes had. Be has creative as you like". "Yes Kimberely".

Mrs Higgs turned her back to the class. "Is it possible for us to say there is no man?"

"Good question Kimberely". "Anything is possible. But please research what ideas are out there already - fiction or non fiction and build it from that". 

"See you next week".



The End

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