Don't Expect Anything

After work I got into my yellow Porche and drove to Selena's. We had to get ready for the party tonight, and now that we knew the JoBros would be there, we had to look fabulous! "Waddaya think about this?" Selena was wearing cute red skinny jeans, a Hollister tank, and gold gladiators. "I think you look gorgeous as always", And she did. "Well not as gawgeous as YOU! I mean, I love the way your look brings together emo-chic and preppy-couture. You look FAB!" "But fab enough to be meeting the Jonas Brothers?" I was so nervous my knees were shaking. "Way better! You're so hot, I recomend they all bring shades!" "Awesome. We better get going though. The party starts in 20 minutes", I just wanted to get it over with. "WHAT?! No way babe. Ever heard of being fashionably late?" She must have thought I'd lost my mind if I wanted to be there on time. But I wasn't crazy. Just crazy nervous! I don't expect anything. There's hardley a cxhance that I'll ever meet any of them again. So why get my hopes up? Plus, Nick is already dating Abbey. No way I can compete with that. "Let's make an entrance! That way Joe and Kevin will totally want you!" Selena seemed spaz-tic. And she didn't say Nick. "Joe and Kevin?" "YESS! Don't you like one of em?" "No?" Why was she not saying Nick? "Who do you like then?" She seemed very curious, ansd somewhat scared about the answer. "Nick", I replied so quietly that I wasn't sure Selena had heard me. "You can't like him. Nick is supposed to be in love with me! Not you! Not Miley! Not Abbey! No one except ME! Now get out of my house traitor", was she seriously serious? "What?" I must have been dreaming. I would wake up any second. "You heard me. Now get out" I was close to tears now. This was no dream. This was all too real. I was losing my best friend just because I had a crush on someone who would NEVER return that feeling. Could life really be this cruel?

The End

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