No Competetion for my Love

Abbey Davis, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Lauren O'Conner battle each other for the love of Nick Jonas. Even if that means losing friends [and your personality] along the way..

"Bye Daddy. I'll call you later. Have fun in Italy", I said into the phone before hanging up.
My name is Lauren O'Conner and I live in Beverly Hills with my older sister Gia. I guess we're what you'd call "spoiled". But what else would you expect from two rich Beverly Hills girls who spend their time partying with the stars?
"Lars! Selena said to call her back!" Gia called from the kitchen. I pulled out my pink Blackberry Curve and hit Selena's speed dial. Little did I know that this was the begining of the best of my life..

The End

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