No Child Proof Lids ~Final Judgement~

He looked at the multitude, more stayed behind than had departed.  Sad, he was glad within himself to see that father had left with the weepers. Mother hadn't come at all.

He felt the burning in his chest, looked down and saw the hole.  The liquid life oozed out of him, then the next one knocked him down onto the ground.  They stood around him watching.

He felt the organ explode an irritating throb, he stood and they gasped.  He heard his mother scream and he sent her a quieting thought.  Father cried aloud and mother gathered him in her arms, they sat like that, crying tears of happiness cause they knew, now they understood..

He heard mother and father whisper.. "We love you, thank you!"

He closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath, he stood, shaking the dirt from his clothes.  They were amazed, he was not dead..  he was dying, just not the way they would...

Reaching his hands into the air he expelled his breath.. they watched as his body began to glow, brighter, brighter, brighter, he told them, they had passed the judgment onto themselves, when he spoke, their ears bled, they screamed, his aura burned the corneas of their eyes, they rubbed at them,

His ascent became faster.. he handed down the curse, the judgment, the destruction of the ones that stayed behind.. And their ashes flew away.. gliding like the spores of a dandelion on the wind, their bones scattered, their memory, forgotten..

Far from The Plains of Meggido the ones that wept watched.  They heard, they smelled, they rejoiced because, they were given another chance.  They were given a pristine chance, without the shadow of evil covering them.. Nothing to mar it.  They would always remember this day, they would always remember the pain that stabbed their heart over the badness man had done.. it was a new day.. it was their day, they would always remember him.. the child of light.. and the words he'd etched in their hearts.. Amen

The End

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