No Child Proof Lids ~The Ones that Stayed Behind~

They were quiet. They glared at him, someone finally asked what could a child know about anything, but, he raised his hands and began to speak. 

He addressed them as a whole though each one felt as if he spoke only to him.  Their sins were all the same, not one was different from the other and he told them so.

He spoke of times ago, times long past times ahead that they... would not see.  He spoke softly yet the multitude heard..

He revealed the things they had covered up, brought to light the things they had done in the dark..  They cursed him and they mumbled under their breath.. they clutched at their clothes and pulled out their hair.  A fire on their tongues murder would be the cooling liquid to put the fire out.

When he finished speaking, they all lay on the ground, their faces dirty and hideous. But, when they looked at each other they only saw beauty, they saw the pretty thing they wished to protect and, they planned.

The End

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