No Child Proof Lids ~Meeting~

Father was thrilled, he could hardly contain himself.. he didn't know where The Plains of Megiddo was but, with GPS and all.. they would get there on time. 

He sat back and absorbed the information that came to him.  It wasn't a part of his character to smile but father was comical.  He darted about, planning and thinking he had control, he knew nothing..  he had no control over anything.. it would be as it would be.

A movement, just out of the corner of his eye.. there in the shadow..  she stepped into the light, fear.. fear but, it was not of him but for him.  He did smile, she walked over and sat at his feet.  He put his little hand upon her head and she cried, bitter tears, she grabbed the other hand and kissed it.  "I did not understand before, please forgive me, is there any time left?"  He didn't speak, instead he raised her head, wiped the tears from her eyes and kissed her forehead. 

Time was here, he looked out over his audience, the malevolence, the hatred, the fear.. it permeated the air, it hung there between the smiles, winks, hand shakes, kisses and pats on the back. between the immorality, murder, genocide, patricide, matricide, the dishonesty, back stabbing, covert plots, between the coos, the revolutions, the wars, the plagues, the knowledge, the stupidity, between chaos and anarchy, he could see it all and he wondered.. were they worth it?

He climbed the stairs, he stood at the podium, he looked at them.  They paid him no attention as they had always done as they  thought they would always do, they didn't want to hear his words, they would be happy to continue in their lives of lies and disgust...

He opened his mouth...  The earth shook, a great shaking, yet not one thing moved, they were struck dumb...  but, their sight had been enhanced and for one moment they could see, clearly, very clearly and they began to weep, the ones that wept, left  The Plains of Meggido.   Maybe for them.. maybe.


The End

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