Gathering the Minds of the Nations

He lay on his bed, his head throbbing, the thoughts loud, echoed throughout his mind.  A decision must be made and it would be up to him and the report he brought back.  The day ahead would be unbelievable for some, the knowledge would come to them, a shock to their systems.  Still some, would deny it to the end, they would try to act as if things would go on the way they have.  They would not accept their time has come to an end.

He closed his eyes and quieted the thoughts, tomorrow would be time enough.  The thoughts he sent to father would bring him to his bedside soon.  Father would not understand the reasoning behind the decision to travel but, imagine it, imagine being able to show off your son to the leader of the free world. 

What father didn't know was, the meeting place would not be traditional.  Free world and Third world would clash.  He had no idea of the magnitude nor the weight of it..a shock it would be.

Now, his thoughts ran long and far, the room vibrated from the energy he sent.  Around the world calls were being made, he set the stage, readied the players.  Soon... it would begin.


The End

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