No Child Proof Lids ~out of the mouths of babes~

Father was his ally.  He had loved him from the start.  He would be the catalyst, the route to one or the other.. salvation or destruction. 

He sat with his father and his cohorts often.  Most of them thought it strange and were annoyed when he spoke but father.. was proud, they understood, they knew and slowly they crept away.. keeping their distance.

At first father was puzzled but being the narcissist he truly was.. he felt they were jealous.. shame, he didn't understand it or recognize it as well as they did. Perhaps ignorant bliss was best for him. 

Nothing in this world bothered him, though one thing did puzzle him.  Mother knew, she didn't understand it completely but, she felt it and it made her afraid.  Father wasn't afraid at all, he loved his boy but... he knew nothing.

He lay back against the pillows of his bed, closing his eyes he sent thoughts to father.

It was time, the trial, would begin soon.

The End

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