A Genius?

He looked at the side of her face as he climbed onto the seat.  She didn't speak, she didn't inquire if he'd had a nice day, had he eaten all of his lunch or what had he learned.  It didn't matter, she knew there was nothing, nothing any institution of learning could teach him, he had taken all of their I.Q. tests, they were infantile, beneath his vast understanding. 

She gripped the wheel so hard her knuckles were white.  She faced front, rigid and stoic, her sight never wavering from the road.

He took this moment to touch her hand and she jumped..  almost slamming them into the car ahead.

He clenched her hand, digging his nails into the flesh, he could see the tears welling up in her eyes and this only made him grip tighter.  He reminded her she was his mother afterall, shouldn't she even feign concern?  She moved her hand slightly and he gripped harder.

She spoke softly without looking at him.. " How was your day?"

This only served to anger him, he felt the interior of the car start to heat up, he felt the cold run through his insides, he heard her.. just barely, a small whisper.."please, please don't hurt me?"

He channeled the anger away from her, away from the interior of the car, he swallowed the heat and a little bit of her fear.. he watched the grey creep slowly down her temples.

He released her and withdrew the energy.  She was not worth the time or power he'd expend destroying her.. He raked his nails across her hand, he watched the blood run dripping down onto her skirt. At one time he thought he could love her, but, she had never loved him, she had always been afraid, now she was nothing to him, just a means to an end..

The End

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