No Child Proof Lids

He looked at the other kids, they were just what they were, children, stupid, childish willing to believe in santa claus and alice through the looking glass.  His head began to throb slightly, that's what happened when he thought too hard. 

The counselor had said he was well beyond his six years.  It was true.  He had been reading, writing and calculating since he was a year, right now, he sat in a 6th grade class ready to move on to junior high.  The state wouldn't allow him to go to college.

The second hand swept the big clock, he focused on the hand counting the seconds to freedom. 

As he stood on the side walk waiting for her to pick him up, one of the kids in his class walked up to him, asked was he really only six. He gave him a blank stare and cocked his head to the side.  The kid squirmed uncomfortably for a minute finally walking away.

There she was at last, late as usual.  Nothing about her was motherly towards him and he didn't care.  She was afraid of him, he could sense it, actually, he had heard her tell his father, he gave her chills, he made her uncomfortable.. Stupid woman.. she didn't know the half.

The End

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