Wrong answerMature

A simple but powerful word, 'No.' aspires to explore the positive and negative implications of its use in the life of various individuals. It is all a matter of timing - the difference can be life altering.

...Her breathing came in quick shallow breaths as she hurried along the barely lit street. It was cold but the numb fingers which she used to clutch her navy blue jacket to her chest felt nothing as she shivered along. Ten minutes had already passed since a white Sedan drove by and it is a rare coincidence for people to loiter along Cupid Street, even more so at such a time on a Sunday night. Lea had volunteered to accompany her for at least half the journey but she didn't think it was necessary. As her heels clicked on the grey, 20 minutes pavement to her home she replayed her friend's insistent pleas in her head - 'Tess! you know it is not safe out there, are you sure you can't stay with us until tomorrow? at least allow me to come with you to Uncle Tim's Retirees' Diner...' Tess smiled at the memory. It costed her a great deal of vocabulary for Lea to accept her final No. She had passed the Diner over seven minutes ago and she is still safe isn't she?

As the air cracked and the trees sung in harmony with her drumming heels, Tess marched onward and he, having spotted her at a distance waited. Reaching an intersection which would take her on the last leg of her journey she sliced her speed and looked back in time to see that an army green Corolla was approaching her. She knew that it would be difficult for motorist to see her dressed as she was in dark colors so she didn't feel suspicious about the pace at which the car was moving. Having turned her face to the dim lights, the driver saw her before she made her way across the street. At her feet, it dragged, a window came down and a man's voice enquired 'Need a ride?' She was almost home and it wouldn't help her accepting rides from a total stranger at that time of the night. 'No thanks', it became obvious that the man was up to something 'Are you sure?' Tess walked a little faster and turned her head slightly 'yes I am sure! my answer is No.' With that the driver accelerated and left her alone.

He released a breath of relief. Again luck was in his favour and he wasn't going back home empty handed tonight. Her fresh Jasmine scent assailed him and while he sensed no fear, there was great urgency in her stride. Moistening his lips, he stealthily crawl from his hiding place. Another few steps and she'll be enough distance ahead of him. Excitement pulsed in his veins and his heart leapt with exhilaration as he sprang on her. His weight crushed her to the ground and all she could scream was 'Nooooooooooooooo....' 

The End

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