The Tavern

Leaf and Falco entered the King of Hyrule Tavern. Inside it was filled with humans and pointy-eared Hylians.

A large woman served behind the counter. "Wull wudda lookwa dat!" she gobbled. "Birdloik man and wierd goirl!"

Leaf blinked. Falco did too, before turning the translator on from his comlink.

"Have you seen any bipedal fozes lately?" he asked.

"What, foxes on two legs?" asked the barmaid. "Yeah, there's been lots of gossip lately. Apparently Link has been fighting the Moblins with a fox called Fox. The Moblins've taken over the remains of the Kokiri Forest."

"Who's Link?" asked Leaf.

"Well, only the hero of Hyrule!"she exclaimed. "The Moblin's are what killed the last Link."

"The last one?"  Falco was confused.

"The priests have been making records. Whenever Hyrule is in trouble with Ganondorf or whatever, a Link is born, usually every hundred years or so. And the seers have been prophesising that in two hundred or so years the Goddesses will swamp the land with a great wave to punish us for our sins, and the world will be one big, pirate-ridden sea. Then an unspeaking child Link will save our descendants."

The End

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