Leaf joins Falco

"Goddesses, you are HOT!" exclaimed Tingle. The Pokémon Trainer recoiled back, terrified of the weird little man-thing.

"Jigglypuff, use Ice Beam!" Leaf yelled. "Freeze that freak!"

Jigglypuff fired a beam of frigid white air at Tingle, freezing him outright.

"Thanks for ridding me of that little idiot," said Falco.

"Wh-what are you?" Leaf cried.

"I'm a falcon," said Falco, "but I think I'm from a different world to you. Our universe is full of Scottish animals who fly in spacecraft."

Leaf was even more freaked out than before.

"C'mon," said Falco, "neither of us are from this kingdom. I happen to be looking for someone called Fox McCloud."

"I'm looking for someone too," said Leaf. "Someone called Red."

The End

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