Falcos search continued

"Okay okay!" The little man in green shouted. "25 rupees!"

"Go away" Falco grunted, he wished with all his heart that he'd left this insane fairy man in the sky.

"Okay 10?" Tingle continued. Falcos patience was wearing thin, he hoped that not everyone in this world was so ridiculous. He turned about, ready to shout at him, maybe wave his gun around. He was cut short by the sight of a new person on the horizon.

"You stay here" Falco said to the man. Tingle went quite. Falco started to walk towards the new person, he could tell it was a girl. She looked half way normal to him. Completely out of place here, just like he was. Seeing as she was an outsider she might know where Fox was.

"Hey!" He cried to the girl, he waved at her and she didn't seem to respond.  She bore a badge on her clothes of a red and white ball. She had a little pink blob thing wondering around with her.

"Hey I need your help." Falco cried again, he continued to walk towards here, anaware that Tingle was still following him

The End

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