Pokémon Trainer Leaf

Leaf opened her eyes. She was in a bustling street, circled by a huge crowd of people. Most had pointed ears.

"She wears weird clothes," said a guy with a large sword on his back.

"And what's that pink blob beside her?" wondered a woman who Leaf couldn't see. "I hope it's not poisonous!"

"Aw man, it's not a bug!" cried a girl dressed like a fairy and carrying a parasol.

Leaf got up onto her feet. Considering that everyone wore tunics and dresses, she really stood out in her Pokémon logo clothes.

"Jiggly," said Jigglypuff beside her.

Leaf felt on her belt for her Poké Balls. All six were there.

"Let's get out of this weird place, Jiggly," said Leaf. Jigglypuff nodded. It inflated like a balloon and when it was high enough Leaf grabbed onto it. She slowly floated away from the crowd...

Soon they were high over the crowd. She couldn't remember much apart from Red...they had been together...then everything turned black and she woke up in a huge town.

From her high point in the sky she could see an enormous castle and lots of hills and mountains. This sure was a nice kingdom.

Then she saw a weird little green man floating with the support of some red balloons by the edge of the town. By there was a crashed spacecraft and an anthropomorphic purple bird.

Okay. This was a weird kingdom.

The End

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