"Hyrule" Falco said to himself as he landed his Arwing just outside the Kokiri forest. "Why on earth would Fox be here"

Falco hopped out of his Arwing and looked around, the entrance to the forest was nearby. This looked like a good start. As Falco walked nearer to the entrance he noticed a man hanging in the air. He was held up by balloons.

"Hey mister bird man? The man said. He wore a ridiculous green outfit and his face was the strangest looking he had ever seen. "Could you help me, get me down?"

Falco pulled out his blaster and three blue flashes whipped through the ballons. The man fell onto the floor.

"Tingle Kooloo Limpa!" The man said as he twirled to his feet. "My name is Tingle mister bird man."

"Yeah yeah whatever" Falco cut him short. "You seen a Fox go through here?

"Oh, well that Kind of information will cost you." Tingle ummd and ahhd as he looked around. "One million rupees!" Falco turned and started to walk away.

"Ok Ok!" Tingle cried after him. "Fifty rupees" He shouted now running to catch up with the bird

The End

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