Pit, Ike and Marth were walking through some ancient ruins filled with shattered stone idols. Pit was leading them to a portal to Hyrule, through which they would reach the Mushroom World.

On a crumbly pedestal was a large green pipe, large enough to fit a few people. Pit perched over the pipe and looked down. Through it he had a bird's eye view of a town, bustling with people. With his raptor vision, Pit could make out pointed ears on most of the people. Hylians! So this was the portal.

"I wouldn't go there if I were you," snarled a gravelly voice.

Pit looked up and pointed his sharp bow forward. Marth and Ike grabbed their swords.

A man in leather armour faced them. His square face had a vertical scar over his right eye, over which he wore an eyepatch, and his bald head had two scars crossing to form a pink X. His remaining left eye was pure white and had no pupil or iris.

He twirled a chain sickle from across his body and swung it crazily at Pit. The angel barely blocked it, and the chain snared around his bow.

"Aether!" yelled Ike. He hurled his broadsword into the air, jumped high, caught it and brought it down on Pit's attacker.

The scarred man pulled the chain taught and it caught the sword attack. Ike slashed again at him, but he kicked the sword from Ike's hands in mid-swing. It spun wildly and embedded itself into a pillar right up to its hilt.

"Who are you?" Marth demanded.

"You may call me Donovan," the man said with a smirk, tugging his chain sickle and pulling Pit closer.

Pit, bow tangled in chains, drew back a Palutena's Arrow and loosed it at Donovan. The arrow just barely missed his head.

Donovan flung the chain around, causing Pit to let go of his tangled bow and go flying back. Donovan was about to reach for the Bow of Palutena but it disappeared and reappeared in Pit's hand.

"Grr, more magic tricks eh?" Donovan hissed. "Well magic yer way outta this one!"

He grabbed Marth with his chain and held his arms behind his back. He pressed the sickle against his throat.

"I way lying," said Pit.

"What?" said Ike, Marth and Donovan in unison.

"I'm really a bad guy!" Pit drew back a Palutena's Arrow and aimed at Marth's chest. "Die, Marth!"

The arrow was fired, but it just passed through Marth and hit Donovan! The menace disappeared in a flash of blue.

"I had you believing me for a second there, didn't I?" said Pit with a cheeky grin.

The End

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