Three Bowsers?!

The Chain Chomp charged around crazily, devouring huts in seconds. It was the biggest Chain Chomp Yoshi had ever seen.

Mario, Peach and Zelda ran over from the Yoshi Hotel. Mario carried his huge hammer, Zelda her bow and rapier, and Peach her...parasol. Still, it was better than nothing, right?

Then, on top of a hill, Yoshi saw a really weird sight.

Two Bowsers? One was red and the other was green. The green Bowser watched the carnage through a pair of binoculars. The red one was playing on a Nintendo DS.

To top it all off, a red and orang spaceship flew over and landed where the village hall had been. Out of it came a monkey in a red vest and cap and what looked like a red and orange robot with a woman's head. Yoshi realised that it wasn't a robot, but a woman some kind of robotic suit. An Arm Cannon was in place of its right hand.

As soon as she and the monkey - Yoshi recognised it as Diddy Kong - got out of the spaceship, the woman aimed her arm cannon upwards, as if something was on top of the spaceship. There was. A blue Bowser leapt off, and Diddy Kong was nearly crushed.

The woman pulled a few switches on her Arm Cannon and aimed it at the Bowser. "Outta the way!" she yelled at Diddy (who ran away and cowered behind a bush).

A massive laser shot from the cannon, totally engulfing the Bowser. When the laser disappeared all that remained was a pearly white monster skeleton.

The armour suit fell away from the woman and now she wore a blue suit that was a bit too tight. Diddy's eyes grew huge.

What the hell was going on? This was all too much for Yoshi.

The End

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