Dr Kawashima vs Dark Lucario

Ganondorf's swords began to swing down...but two red laser beams shot out of nowhere and blasted the crooked blades from his hands!

Ganon looked up to see the weird floating head of a middle-aged Japanese man. He had greasy black hair that looked like Elvis Presley's and had big lips. A pair of thin glasses were over his eyes. And those eyes glowed bright red.

"Me am Dr Kawashima!" he growled. "Me not am speak England well very, but me am reckond with force!"

Everyone stared at the floating head with a look that universally meant "WHAT THE HELL".

"Um...Dark Lucario, would you kill that thing for me?" asked Toon Ganondorf.

"Grr," Dark Lucario replied (which meant yes). "GRAH!" A dark Aura Sphere was shot from his open palms. But as it was flying at Dr Kawashima, the head yelled, "メガネシールド!" and his glasses detached from his face and turned into a mirror. The Aura Sphere reflected off it and hit Dark Lucario.

"ARGH!" yelled the Pokémon. He ran forward to plant his fist in the thing's face, but the good Lucario ran in the way and yelled "Force Palm!"

Dark Lucario didn't stand a chance as a streak of Aura shot from Lucario's hand and blasted through his chest. Dark Lucario split into many purple pieces which seeped into the black sand.

"My Lucario!" cried Dark Ganondorf. His fists clenched and pulsed with dark magic. "Grr...I guess I'll leave now!"

He fired a dark blob from his hand, which crackled on contact with the sand. An archway rose up, showing a weird island being attacked by a mutant Pac-Man.

Toon Ganon cackled evilly and held out his hand. His swords flew into it. "Sayonara!" he snarled before jumping through.

"あなたばかばか!あなたは、過去に旅行している!一度フラックス恐れがあります!" yelled Dr Kawashima after him before floating through the portal.

Linebeck stopped shivering from aboard the Pirate Ship and leapt onto the sand. "That was weird," he said. Then Kirby peeled himself off the ship's mast and ran over with a happy yell of "HIIIIIIII!"

"How weird," said Sonic Americanly.

"Well, we'd better go through," said Gonzo, "but someone needs to look after the Pirate Ship."

"I will," volunteered Niko.

"I will too," said Gonzo. "Guess you need a bit of muscle."

"Then let's leave," said Lucario. Pikachu leapt onto his head and the Pokémon were then through the portal.

"BYEEEEEE!" chirped Kirby, waving to the sailors before running through the gateway. That left just Sonic.

"Hadn't we better take Tetra?" he asked.

Gonzo ran into the ship's bridge. Minutes later he came back with the thashing Tetra in his arms. She was swearing like crazy.

"I'll **********************...oh, what's that?" she wondered, staring at the portal. Gonzo just chucked her through.

"See ya later then guys," said Sonic. And he was gone in a flash.

The End

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