Falco to the rescue!!!

Ridley began to charge towards Falco, howling with rage. Falco was prepared and in a flash of blue light zipped behind the beast. Before Ridley could react Falco was on top of him, blasting away at his skull. The monster flailed, clawing at his head desperatly trying to rid himself of the assailant. He grabbed the bird by the leg and threw him into the ground.

The monster roared in triumph as energy began to collect in its mouth, the energy twisted into a swirling ball and Ridley fired it. Falco was climbing slowly to his feet when he saw what the cunning creature had planned, he reached into his pocket and grabbed his reflector shield. The energy blast hurled towards Falco, who threw the deflector, sending the blast back and connecting with Ridleys head. The beast collapsed without a sound and stirred no more. Falco turned to Max and Olimar.

"It looked as if you clowns needed a bit of help" He said, a hint of triumphant arrogance in his voice.

"Who you calling clown bird brain?" Max yelled. "We had that under control!"

"Please" Falco laughed turning away. "Mister general? You brought card board cut outs to a battle."

"Listen feather face I was just about-" Max was in a fury by now.

"Feather face? a little gratitude towards your rescuer would be nice in future." Falco spoke into his reciever and an Arwing sped down to the clearing where the three stood. "Well anyway, I got better things to now so see ya round meat head." Falco jumped into his ship and dissapeared into the storm over head, Max screamed curses after him.

"Dammit." Max said to nobody in particular. In the distance angry shouts could be heard and there was a faint rustling in the trees. Max already knew what was happening. "Max to base! The space pirates are coming, where are my units? I can't fight with what I have now."

"There on there way" A muffled voice returned, barely audible over the storm going on about them. "30 minutes tops"

"Argh I can't wait that long. All units retreat!" Max shouted, he then turned to Olimar. "What about you little man? You coming?" Olimar nodded, blew his whistle and the Pikmin dispersed. The two hopped onto one of the tanks rumbling past. 5 coloured onions flew with the retreating, 2D convoy. They left Ridleys smouldering corpse where it was.

"Well at least that darn budgy gave the space pirates a nice treat to find." Max said looking at the beast as it dissapeared into the darkness. Olimar said nothing, still fairly shocked at how much had happened in the space of ten minutes. Now he was stuck with this angry meathead.

"Well" He thought to himself. "At least Im not that things dinner."


The End

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