Clash With Ridley

Olimar cowered behind a bush, wind and rain battered heavily at the trees around him and flashes of lightning lit up the dark night sky. He peered through a gap in the foliage. A giant purple dragon like creature was roaring , smoke filled the clearing where it stood as it sprayed fire into the night. Olimar clutched a purple Pikmin by the head and threw it at the beast, the pikmin fell short and was burnt to a cinder.

The beast would surely find him any time soon, no matter how many pikmin he sent the beast didn't flinch. It was like it was wearing armour. Soon enough it started to walk towards Olimar.

"I'm doomed." He thought, fire shot over his head, blackening the top of his helmet, Pikmin ran around him frantically trying to put out their flaming flowers. The ground shuddered as it stepped and stopped over the bush where Olimar stood.

There was a roaring of engines in the distance and the beast looked up. Olimar was startled to see a massive muscular man suddenly crouching next to him. He wore a badge saying "Orange Star Army" just visible through the wet mud coating his clothes

"The names Max." The man said before Olimar could utter a word. "These monsters are appearing all over the place, we have no idea why, anyways I'm here to help." Max stood straight up and pointed at the beast. "Target identified, its name is Ridley all units attack!"

A mass of Amoured tanks maneuvered forward, straight past Ridley, the beast just stared, without any hint of a reaction. "Darn, command come in! You only sent 2D units, I need some of the new 3D attack squadrons pronto!" Max shouted into his mic. There was no answer.

" Ok you I need your help" Max said to Olimar who just stared forward, shocked and frankly quite appalled at the apparant uselessness of his savour. "Get those flower things of yours to make Ridley move in front of my tanks. Do It quick or were both dead" Olimar reacted quickly blowing his whistle and pointing around, Pikmin charged at Ridley. They surrounded him and headbutted his feet. Ridley didn't notice.

From in the trees, a figure watched the ridiculous spectacle unfolding before him. He picked up his walkie talkie and spoke into it.

"Lombardi to Grey Fox" The figure said " Fox isn't here, but theres another one of those monsters and theres-." He paused for a moment, tilting his head sideways and staring again trying to work out what was going on "-Theres kind of a batte going on"

He didn't wait for an answer, he jumped into the air, pulled out a pair of blasters and fired at Ridley. The shots fired straight into his open mouth. The beast roared with pain and, forgetting about his pathetic opponents, turned to faced his new threat. Falco Lombardi readied himself for another shot.

The End

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