Yoshi Village

Red sat at a wooden table, sipping a foul-tasting yellow liquid from a cup. He was in Yoshi's hut. Yoshi lay on a straw bed, snoring cavernously. A huge snot bubble inflated and deflated around his nose.

A weird dog with no ears or tail slept on the floor. Red poked it. The dog woke up and looked excitedly at Red with shiny black eyes.

Red held out the cup of foul liquid. The dog-thing opened its mouth expectantly. Red tipped the liquid down the dog's mouth and the dog barked happily, waking Yoshi. The snot bubble popped.

"Wawawawawawawa," Yoshi groaned. He got up and opened a fridge, and took out some large cookies. "Eat," he said.

Red bit into a large chocolate biscuit. It was delicious! He chomped down the whole thing before starting on a jam cookie.

Suddenly many Yoshis outside wailed crazily. Yoshi hurried outside. Red finished his biscuit and followed, Charizard's Poké Ball in his hand.

A huge black metal ball with beady eyes and a huge fanged mouth bounced around, a long chain attached to it. It looked kinda like Pac-Man gone wrong.

"Charizard, go!" yelled Red, hurling the Poké Ball. The fiery orange dragon burst out, smoky flames pluming from its mouth.

"What is that thing?" Red asked Yoshi.

"Chain Chomp," the cute green dino replied. He looked around for a moment before heading back into his hut. When he came back out he had a pile of Yoshi Cookies.

He ate all six with gulps of his long tongue. Red was fascinated by how he swallowed them whole and then pooped them out as green-spotted eggs.

Then Yoshi hurled an egg at the Chain Chomp...

The End

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