The King of Evil materialised before the heroes, wearing red and black robes and carrying a sword in each hand.

"Muhahahahahahaha!" Toon Ganondorf bellowed. "You dare venture onto my island?"

He passed both swords into his left hand and raised his right hand. Swirls of dark purple energy enveloped it. Then, from the ground, rose a dark version of Lucario. It had red fur with purple stripes and gold spikes on its hands and chest. Its violet eyes had slit pupils like a reptile.

Lucario got into a defensive stance, and blue Aura covered his fists.

The young Link ran over from seemingly nowhere. Sonic zoomed to Link and Lucario's side. Pikachu zipped in front of Lucario and sparks crackled around his red cheeks, and Kirby leapt of the ship and waved his little handshappily.

"HIIIIIIIII!" he chirped.

"GRAH!" bellowed Dark Lucario. A purple ball of dark Aura shot from his fists and smashed into the little puffball, sending him flying into the Pirate Ship's mast. He slowly slid down it, dazed.

"Ha!" laughed Ganondorf. "You fight well, my servant. "Now, kill all of them! Apart from Link there. He's mine!"

He brandished his twin swords and dashed at Toon Link. The deadly blades slashed horizontally, but the Hero of Winds easily caught them on his shield. Then Ganondorf swung his arms high and brought the swords down at breakneck speed, charging them with dark magic while he was at it. The blades hit Link's shield with such force that it was sent flying out of his hand and clattered onto the gravelly sand.

Link said nothing. He didn't even cry out in pain as Ganondorf kicked him across the sand. His sword was left lying on the ground.

"You put up no fight at all!" cackled the Gerudo king. As he was pulling back his arms for the killing blow, Sonic spun at him in a blue ball of destruction! But Ganondorf just whacked him away with the pommel of his sword.

"Now I will kill you, stupid child," snarled Ganondorf with an evil grin. On his right hand, the Triforce of Power glowed a bloodthirsty red.

The End

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