"Sonic?" said Linebeck.

"What?" the hedgehog snapped in reply.

"I've been kinda do you wink? Since you have one big eyelid for your double-eye..."

"Shaddup!" squealed Niko, unsheathing his cutlass. With his free hand he pointed. "Look!"

The black island was closer than ever. Then, with a sudden lurch, the Pirate Ship grounded.

Sonic saw what Niko was pointing to. A blue humanoid creature stood on the dark sands. It had black paws and a dark stripe on its face. It looked somewhat like the Egyptian god Anubis.

It looked towards the crew with soft red eyes. Then suddenly Pikachu leapt onto the beach.

"Pika!" it cried.

The creature stared down at Pikachu. The two's minds briefly joined. Then the creature spoke to the whole crew through Aura.

"I am Lucario," it said. "In case you are wondering, no, I am not the enemy. I know Pikachu. We both have the same Pokémon Trainer." At this, the crew were confused. "Pikachu and I are what are known as Pokémon. We are powerful animals who are companions to those Pokémon Trainers. Our Trainer is called Red. Us and Kanghaskan have been separated from him by some unseen dark force."

"Dude, we'll help you!" said Sonic. He somersaulted onto the black beach and landed cleanly on his feet.

"...Your eyes are conjoined," said Lucario. "Did you have a birth defect?"

"ARG!!" the hedgehog screamed. "MUST EVERYBODY SAY THAT?!"

The End

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