While Sonic was having fun...

"Where in the world is he?!"

Knuckles, frustrated, punched a nearby tree. He looked like he could bite whoever got close to him next.

"Maybe he's just running a little late! You don't have to get so mad!"

The red echinda turned to glare at his two tailed friend, apparently not calm at all.

"It's been six days, SIX DAYS! And he's still not here! What was he thinking just going off by himself?! JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BLUE IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE INVINSIBLE!!!" he screams, apparently to no one.

Tails watched Knuckles walk around throwing his fist in the air. It was true that Sonic had been gone for a long time, but he knew his way back, and Tails believed in him. "How about we run a couple of races! That should calm you down a little!" Tails told Knuckles in desperation. He was really getting on his nerves with his ongoing rant of 'stupid blue hedge hog' and 'I'll throw you in a lake first thing when you come back'.

Sitting down by a big fallen trunk, Knuckles stares off into space, finally out of fume, and Tails sits besides him. But just before any of the two could relax, they heard something coming from a nearby bush.

"What's that? We better be careful!" whispers Tails, "It could be-"


Tails falls over and just stares at Knuckles and his boldness, it seemed as if he was still mad.


"Is that Amy's voice?" Knuckles asks while standing up.

"Yes, and she's headed right towards us!"

Tails and Knuckles jump and hide behind the tree trunk they were resting on before all the comotion. At that very moment, A pink sort of animal runs out with a big hammer, and a hord of brown mushrooms behind her.

"I said leave me alone!" exclaims the pink girl, while crushing the mushroom with her hammer. The mushroom disappears, and the girl dusts herself off, putting her hammer away.


Amy turns around and looks for the source of the voice. And right there, behind the free trunk, were her two friends, Tails and Knuckles.

"You guys! Am I glad to see you! There's some weird creatures around this place, and they've been attacking me ever since I got here!"

"What are you doing here, Amy?" Tails jumps from behind the trunk and lands right in front of her.

"I was looking for you guys because Sonic forgot his life vest!"

"Life vest?" both Knuckles and Tails ask.

"Yes, aren't you guys going to the lake? And were's Sonic, anyways?"

"Who knows! And I wish we were going to the lake! That way I could drown that little rascall!"

Tails sweat dropped at Knuckles short temper. But he was starting to get worried about Sonic himself. "We should go look for him."

"Yes, but were?" Amy looks at Knuckles and then at Tails, confused as to what's going on.

"I don't know, just any were but here!" Knuckles yells and points at another hord of mushrooms coming their way from the bushes, and the three run as far away as possible.

The End

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