Yo Ho Ho! Mutiny!

"I have no idea what your trying to tell me," Tetra groaned, getting fed up with Link and his mute-ness. He held out another fish. She hit her fist against the boat, her head spinning. "Gonzo throw him overboard! NOW!" 

Gonzo saluted her and grabbed toon link by his armpits and pulled him over to the catapult. Link's eyes widened as he found himself tied up in a barrel. 

"Yes, you remember this don't you?" Tetra smirked. It occurred to him about whenever he tried to save his sister and they pulled this stunt on him before. He ended up slamming into a wall and losing his sword in Forsaken Fortress. "You must remember that there is no escape." 

Niko ran up from the basement. "Tetra you can't!" He whined. "I just built a brand new test for Link. Come on, You know that I've been waiting for him to return for so long." 

"Niko!" Tetra screeched. "If you don't go back and hide in your basement I will throw you overboard with him!"

"I'd like to see you try," Niko spoke cooly.

"Gonzo...." Tetra yelled. Gonzo saluted her and the group of misshaped characters  watched as she tied Niko to the outside of the barrel. 

"Is she really going to do this?" Sonic asked Linebeck. Linebeck laughed to himself. 

"She's not going to really do it, she's just striking fear into the boys," Linebeck explained. 

"I'll sick Jolene on you!" Tetra yelled over to Linebeck. His eyes widened. 

"You wouldn't dare," he hissed. 

She motioned Gonzo, and he pulled the catapult. Toon Link screamed off into the distance. Everyone stood up. "She is crazy!" they all exclaimed. 

Tetra grabbed a cutlass and pointed it towards all of them. "As long as your on my ship you will all listen to me and do what I say or else you'll all end up like those two!" 

Everyone nodded. Gonzo escorted everyone into the basement as Tetra went up to look out onto the ocean to find where Link had ended up. 

Linebeck looked around at the group in front of him. "Well it doesn't look like we're the strongest group. I don't even know if all of you can understand me. But are you going to put up with her? These one of her and.... however many of us! We don't have to put up with this! We can take over this ship!"

"But how?" Sonic asked. 

"A few of you will be equipped with rope and will sneak up and tie her up. The rest will carry her into the barracks and lock her up  in the treasure room. Then we win! Whose with me?" 

They all stuttered for a moment, and finally agreed to the plan. Pikachu and Kirby were in charge of getting her distracted and Sonic took rope and hid behind the sails. They waddled up to her and started dancing with each other. She narrowed her eyebrows at them. Yet she was strangely distracted by them, just enough for Sonic to capture her. 

"What's going on here?" She shrieked. 

Sonic tired her up and Linebeck ran in and picked her up and carried her on his back. She bit his shoulder and he fell to the floor. He hit her against the wall and headed down the stairs. He threw her in the room and locked the door behind her. 

"There, Miss Tetra is no more!" Linebeck exclaimed. 

"MISS!" Gonzo yelled. "Miss where are you?!" 

"What are we going to do about him?" Sonic asked. Linebeck shrugged his shoulders. 

"Miss we're off course!" Gonzo yelled. "We're sailing right to Ganon's Castle!"

The End

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