Yoshi wandered through the forest, humming to himself. But to his surprise, a small red and white ball lay on the floor.

Yoshi nudged it with his foot, and to his surprise an orange dragon burst out! It was slightly bigger than a human. It had huge green wings and a ball of flame on the end of its tail.

"WAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA!!" wailed Yoshi as the dragon spat a stream of continuous fire.

"Charizard, get back!" yelled a voice.

The dragon leapt back towards a boy who wore a red cap, jacket and blue jeans. Two more of the red and white spheres were on his belt.

He picked up the ball that lay on the floor and pointed it at Charizard. The dragon turned into a silhouette of red light that flew into the ball. The boy then clipped the ball to his belt.

"Hi there," said the boy, thinking to himself that Yoshi looked more than slightly like a Treecko. "I'm Red, a Pokémon Trainer. What's your name?"

"Yoshi!" said Yoshi.

"Cool," said Red. "Uh, I'm kinda lost...I just woke up here earlier with my Pokémon. Could you help me out?"

"Wappity-hoo!" Yoshi declared randomly. The cute green dino walked away. Red just decided to follow him.

The End

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