Toon Link

On the deck of the Pirate Ship, Sonic, Kirby and Pikachu could see another ship on the misty horizon.

"Pikachu! Pika pika!" cried Pikachu, pointing to it enthusiastically.

The pirates took no notice.

"Yo! Over here!" Sonic yelled. "There's another ship!"

Gonzo and Niko rushed over, hands prepared to draw cutlasses.

The ship drew further in. It was a tiny, ramshackle steamboat with a small figure standing on the prow.

Tetra appeared on the deck. She saw the figure on the stemboat.

"It can't be!" she cried.

The young Link leapt off the steamboat and landed on board the Pirate Ship. He wore he usual green tunic and cap, and attached to his back by unknown means were a sheathed sword and a shield.

"Hiiiiiiiii!" chirruped Kirby, waving his stubby hands around.

Another figure leapt onto the deck. A Hylian man, with terrible hair and a long blue coat.

"Oh. My. Goddess." The weird sailor man's eyes were fixed on Sonic. "His eyes are joined together!"

"You smell weird," retorted Sonic.

"Shut it, you!" snapped Tetra. "So, who are you, man?"

"Me? I'm Linebeck!" said the man proudly. The sailor had a definite air of arrogance about him. "Bravest sailor on the Great Sea!"

Tetra drew her cutlass and prodded Linebeck in the chest with it. He instantly fell to the floor in a puddle of tears. "No! Please don't kill me!"

"Not so brave after all!" Tetra cackled triumphantly. She turned to Link. "So. How have you been?"

Link just nodded, annoying Tetra at once. "Oh yes, I forgot that you never talk!"

Link just shrugged and took a massive fish from nowhere. he held it up proudly.

"What are you showing me that thing for?!" Tetra exclaimed.

"It's Neptoona, biggest fish in the ocean!" boasted Linebeck, back onto his feet and suddenly himself again. "I caught it with my bare hands and gave it to young Link here as a birthday present!"

Link smashed Linebeck across the face with the gigantic fish.

"No, actually Link caught it!" Linebeck blubbered pityfully.

The End

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