Arrow of Light

Pit pulled out his bow of light and pulled the string back. He rapidly let light arrows fly into each person't body.

Marth yelled as it hit his chest, but no harm came to him.

"What was that?" Ike asked as an arrow went through his chest. "And why did it affect those two guys and not me or Marth?"

"These arrows only peirce those who are evil, if you are true to the path of light no harm will come." Pit explained as he watched the two other figures fade.

"Are they gone?" Marth asked picking up his sword, he dropped it when pit shot the arrow of light. "YOu killed them, right?"

"No." Pit fixed the circlet around his fore head and began walking away from the two warriors. "They have just been sent back to where they came from. Evil cannot be destroyed that easily, and those arrows don't kill, usually.

Marth and Ike stood confused as Pit turned around.

"You guys coming? We have to find the man with a red shirt and overalls." Pit beckoned for the two to follow. "Do you know him?

The End

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