A terrible fate

Wario ran along the platform, smashing his shoulder through blocks of poorly mixed concrete to clear the way. He jumped over some small demon-spawned frogs, wincing as he dodged a poison dart that one of them had fired. Earlier he had been hit one of those and his whole body had seemed to fill with air, his chest had bulged and he had begun to float up into the air. He had been afraid that he would float for ever but luckily the effects faded while he was still relitavely close to the ground.

Now he found himself faced with a corridor which seemed to twist and spiral ahead of him. A long strip of blue carpet appeared to begin on the floor but curve round onto the wall and then the ceiling further along the corridor. Above the doorway that led into the coridor was a diamond shaped  golden plaque decorated with the relief of an eye. Wario attempted to dislodge it but it was impossible to reach and firmly bolted. He was disapointed but sniffed more gold ahead. He took a cautious first step onto the twisted corridor and his foot weighed down onto the carpet which was almost, but not quite the floor. He took some more steps and it was if the carpet was magnetic. He reached down and tried to touch his boots. He could hardly see them past his belly. He made a mental reminder to eat less; an idea which would be lost in a void of forgetfulness forever. The boots were not iron, they were the exact same boots he remembered buying two years ago in the desert. He touched the carpet and it was just as soft and fluffy as it looked.

He hurried on down the corridor expecting to feel the blood rush to his head, but it never did. Instead when he looked back the way he had come, his head felt numb with confusion as he saw that his starting place where he had first touched the carpet was now on the ceiling.

In the next room was a table, a tablecloth, and a chest which smelt of treasure. Wario hurried to the chest and shoved it open. Inside was a strange instrument with piano keys, a trumpet nozzle and an array of valves and gears. "A musical box!" exclaimed Wario annoyed, "it had better be worth something in an auction ." Wario preffered the random beautiful harmonies of coins landing in his bank account to the music played by poor losers in streets.

He had the horrible feeling that he was being watched. He turned around in an instant and was petrified to see an old witch staring at him and quickly whispering a spell. Before he could scream he felt his cheeks go cold with fear and his body fix rigid still with fright. Then he felt a strange changing sensation spread down his spine. He had been turned to stone.

The Happy Mask Salesman came across him hours later. He laughed. "You've met with a terrible fate haven't you?"


The End

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