Ghost Ship

"Miss Tetra," Gonzo yelled down from the overlooking tower of their fine pirate ship. "Miss Tetra, the ghost ship is ahead!" Tetra ran to the front of the pirate ship and looked out into the night. The full moon shone brightly onto the translucent ship. 

"Finally," She breathed. "Finally we've found it." She set her arms on the wood of the ship, looking at the darkly lit waters surrounding the ship. "With the Ghost Ship Chart, we should be able to go in there. Aren't we lucky that Tingle is an idiot. Giving us this valuable chart for a fake rupee." 

"Very idiotic Miss," Mako praised, setting his book down and fixing his glasses, which never showed his eyes. 

"Is everybody ready?" Tetra asked. The group of pirates nodded. "Wait. Where's Niko?" 

"Probably downstairs Miss," Gonzo explained. "He's been planning a new test for Link."

"Link went missing a long time ago," Tetra groaned. "I want him up here and I want it to be fast. Now go get the little punk." Gonzo saluted to her and ran, scarred, down the stairs. Tetra sighed and motioned for the boat to go towards the Ghost Ship. The night was almost over, and she didn't want to waste any time. 

Gonzo came back from the basement with Niko hung by his collar. Tetra smiled cooly and gave Senza a thumbs up to set up the bridge between their ship and the Ghost ship. 

The ghost ship was totally opaque on the inside, unlike on the outside. It was filled with strange monsters. Fighting those monsters was a small yellow fox like thing and a Pink ball like creature. Then out of no where came speeding a blue hedgehog. 

The hedgehog bounced on the heads of the monsters and made them explode while the pink blob ate a few. The yellow fox like thing shot out bolts of electricity which reflected back and hit Tetra and her crew. 

"Pikachu," Pikachu mumbled, looking at the group embarrassed. 

"How dare you," Tetra screamed, grabbing Pikachu and banging him against the side of the boat. 

"Hey put him down," The hedgehog demanded. 

"Who are you?" Tetra asked. "And how can you talk?" 

"I'm Sonic," He introduced. "And I'm not really sure. That's Pikachu, and over there is Kirby." 

"How'd you guys get in here," Gonzo asked, fiddling with the chart which he slipped into his pocket while Tetra wasn't looking. 

"King Dedede put us here," Sonic explained. Kirby nodded. 

"Uh huh," Tetra muttered awkwardly, not understanding who he was talking about. "Well get out of here. We're looking for a treasure and we don't need you guys getting in our way."

"Oh but Tetra their so cute," Gonzo cooed, holding Kirby to his cheek.

Tetra rolled her eyes, "Are you serious?" 

"It wouldn't hurt," Niko explained. "Pikachu can really come in handy." Pikachu used his thunderbolt and fired Niko. Tetra laughed, and tripped over a treasure chest that sat behind her. 

"I found it!" She cheered. She opened the chest and found a stash of rupees. "We're rich." 

"Okay," Sonic jeered. "Now what?" Tetra shrugged her shoulders. 

"Senza put this on the ship," Tetra demanded. "Gonzo and Niko, get these weird creatures on the ship. You can keep them, but I don't want them to bug me to much." 

"Yes Miss Tetra," They spoke in unison. 

The End

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