Marth and Ike vs. Ichalus and Braximus

Atop a large, ruined castle, two warriors atop a tower observed a large portal opening on the opposite side of the battlefield. It was a battlefield of old, arrows still sticking out of the ground, rusted weapons and armor scattered about and the skeletal bodies of fallen warriors scattered everwhere. A flock of ravens retreated from the corpses as two strange warriors emerged from the portal and made their way through the battelfield, towards the castle.

"Who do you suppose they are?" Ike questioned a slim warrior wielding an ornate blade.

Marth gritted his teeth. "I don't know. But don't think they're friends."

Ike nodded. "Let's go."

Marth nodded in agreement before leaping off the castle tower, Ike following right behind him. The two warriors hit the ground running, swords drawn and headed straight towards their opponents.

Ichalus smiled. "Looks like they spotted us Braximus." he said twirling his large blade out.

"We shouldn't keep them waiting now should we?" Braximus responded. He drew his two axes attached to his back and roared, charging at their would-be attackers.

"Jump!" Marth yelled. He then leapt gracefully over the hulking warrior wielding two axes. He landed behind the hulking mass of muscle then lifted his sword, just blocking a thrust from a large sword. Marth was forced backwards, a strange warrior with emerald hair and glowing green eyes cackling at him.

"Impressive, but not good enough!" Ichalus yelled. He leapt at Marth and brought his sword down, hoping to slice the warrior in half. Marth tilted his body to the right, side-steppign the slice. He brought his foot up and kicked, landing it on Ichalus's chest. Ichalus coughed before being kicked away by Marth. He rolled through the skeletal remains, shattering bones and kicking up dirt. He stood up and spat dirt from his mouth, glaring at Marth the whole time.

"Had enough?" Marth teased, twirling his blade.

Ike roared before bringing his broadswors down on the hulking warrior, his sapphire eyes glowing wildly. Braximus blinked and roared back, his blue hair rising like flames as he brought his axe up, the steel from both blades creating a loud clang sound along with a flurry of sparks. Ike winced as the force of the impact numbed his arms.

Braximus smiled before swinign his second axe at Ike's face. "DIE!" he roared.

Ike closed his eyes. This is it, he thought. To think, I've survived this long... to be killed by this..whatever it is. Ha!

Suddenly a bright projectile flashed in fornt of the two combat-locked warriors, causing Ike to close his eyes. He opened them again and gasped. Standing in front of him was a boy wielding two glowing swords. Ike blinked where have I seen...Suddenly it hit him. He had seen this figure before. It was an angel wielding the  fabled bow of light, granted only the the goddess of light's greatest warrior. He glanced over to the enraged blue mass of muscle before turing back to the angel boy.

The angel turned to Ike and smiled. "Name's Pit, at your service!" 


The End

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