Palutena's Will

Pit gazed over the small pool in the middle of the Sky Palace. With nothing better to do with his time he watched the battles going on across the world. A fox and a boy clad in green, two regal women next to a short man in red. It was intertaining watching their lives unfold in the reflecting pool.

Being the captain of the Guardians of light, you would think Pit would be busy. But the sky has been quiet, nothing threatened Palutena or the Sky Palace.

"Pit." A light suddenly rose from the room, and it became filled with the sweet sound of Palutena's voice. "You must desend to the planet in need. You have been watching the beginings of a war, between good and evil. It threatens not only me, but many others."

Pit felt a shiver run though his body, he was waiting for an assignment for years. He had his chance. "Goddess of Light, what shall I use for a weapon? Shall I use the..."

"Yes the Bow of Light." Palutena handed him the bow, trimmed with gold. Pit grabbed it and the familiar three rings appeared around his wrist.

"I will not fail you my Godess." Pit bowed and made his way towards the open doors on the other side of the room. Palutena faded and then dissapeared leaving nothing but darkness.

Pit pulled apart the bow into two swords, smiling he jumped from the door, spead his wings and began to glide along the clouds. He used the swords like rudders, cutting though the clouds and steering as he brushed up against the fluffy masses.

"For Palutena!" Pit screamed as he dived towards the ground below, leaving the Sky Palace behind.

The End

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