The Shadows of Taboo

Dark bolts of lightning flashed as a large castle loomed over the empty voids of space and time. It was a terrifying sight, large spiraling towers with spikes, numerous dragonhead creatures eying the horizon and a colossus pair of wings keeping the castle afloat. Suddenly a bright light flashed inside one of the towers...

Inside the large tower stood seven figures, staring into a large pool of light below them. The pool of light produced images which shifted from a monkey and armored space warrior fighting a large, spiky-shelled turtle, to a tall, shady man fighting a fox and an elf and finally to two princess's and a man in overalls being approached by another spiky-shelled turtle.

"Everything is going according to plan," a tall cloaked figure spoke, twirling a large two-handed sword in one hand. The rest of his cloaked partners nodded.

"As we speak, the heroes of this universe have already forgotten the master," a figure holding two axes said.

A tall, slim figure beside him nodded. "Ssssoon we sssshall revive the masssster," he hissed, his forked tongue flickering.

"The heroes of this universe may have beaten him before," a feline figure with a whip continued.

"But they all stood united," a large winged figure added. He then turned to another winged figure beside him.

"Now they are all separated," she spoke. She smiled, "And they have no idea what's about to happen."

The six cloaked figures then turned to an approaching figure. He had spike red hair, his eyes were gold and green and he wielded a large blade attached to a chain. The six cloaked warriors then gasped and knelt in front of him. They all uttered one word simultaneously. "Donovan..."

Donovan smiled. "My fellow warriors, the fighters of this world have grown weak," he began to explain. "They have forgotten about our master, the creator, the bringer of light, the destroyer. Taboo"

"All hail Taboo!" the six warriors chanted.

Donovan raised his blade into the air. "We shall resurrect the fallen god, and he will lead us to create a new and better world!"

The cloaked warriors stood up and raised their weapons. "All hail Taboo!" They then yelled with all their might, causing six portals to open.

"Go my brothers and sisters," Donovan yelled. "Take their universe apart, one world at a time!"



The End

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