Adventure Down a Green Pipe

In her princess garb she found herself falling. She felt like Alice, only she wasn't chasing an out-of-time rabbit, and this wasn't just a mere rabbit hole. No, the last thing you expect when you walk into your room is to fall into a large green plumbers pipe. She would have at least expected a trap from Ganon, it was something she was familiar with, even though she would have to wait for Link to rescue her.

She fell to the ground, and found herself in what seemed like a 90's two-demential world. A green backed turtle, standing on it's back legs came towards her. She grabbed the bow and arrow from her back and aimed it at the creatures head and blasted it into a small cloud of dust. She saw another one ahead, which just walked right off the side of the cliff. She started walking in the one direction that she could.

Suddenly she hit her head against a brick block that hung suspended in the air above her. "What the-" She mumbled. She hit it with her fist and down came a gold coin. Wasn't no red rupee but it would do. She hit the rest, receiving many more gold coins and one which had something which made her grow in size. Maybe this was wonderland.

Farther and farther she went. She ran into a few little mushrooms along the way, which she could easily shoot and pass by. She jumped over gaps in her path and finally got to a huge castle. Slowly she walked inside.

A long bridge separated her from the other side, yet would save her from falling into a large put of lava. Suddenly a giant turtle type thing came up and landed in front of her. Bowser? She took out her light arrow and aimed at the monsters stomach. He growled when her was hit by the impact and spit flames of fire at her. Was he a dragon now?

She was hit hard with the blast but continued to fire as fast as she can, staying in one spot since she couldn't really jump very high. Finally Bowser backed down and sunk back into the lava. Zelda ran safely to the other side only to find herself face to face with another  princess.

She was wearing a peachy pink dress, and had blond hair. She grimaced at Zelda, "Wait a minute. Who are you!?"

"Why don't you tell me who you are?" Zelda asked harshly.

"Princess Peach," She answered. "Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. And you?" 

"Princess Zelda," Zelda boasted, putting away her bow and arrow. "Princess of the Kingdom of Hyrule."

"What the hell?" Asked a little man in overalls, with a red hat and a large black mustache. He had an italian accent and looked very exhausted. "I ran all the way over here, and there's two of you? Who's this chick?" 

"The Princess of High People," Princess Peach mumbled.

"Hyrule," Zelda corrected.

"Yeah, whatever."

"Well what is she doing here?" Mario asked. Peach shrugged her shoulders. 

"I don't know," She shrieked.  Suddenly a monstrous laugh came from Bowser and the castle surrounding them soon turned into a story book. The three were standing in front of a group of small Yoshi-s each in a different color. Behind them was a bright tree with a smiling heart and a bunch of fruit. the Yoshi-s were singing. The place looked like it was sewn since everything looked patchy and threaded. 

"Yoshi!" Mario cried out, grabbing a hold of the green one. 

"Yoshi," he squeaked. 

"I hate this place," Zelda muttered into the palm of her hand as a Shy Guy rammed into her backside. "Will you beat it!?" She yelled. It's small black eyes doubled in size and it scurried away. 

"What now?" Peach asked, looking around at the patchwork atmosphere. 

"I'm not sure." 

The End

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