Fox and Link Teamup!

Fox McCloud quickly KO'd the pig man with a shot of his blaster, but the Moblins were arriving in dozens. Five leapt at him at once, spears primed forward...

WHACKWHACKWHACKWHACKWHACK!! A feathered boomerang zipped through the air, hitting all five Moblins. It returned to the hero Link's hand, who pocketed it before quickly unsheathing the Master Sword.

"Thanks," said Fox, reloading his blaster.

Link leaped into the fray, sword and shield in hand. He took out whole hordes of Moblins with each swing of the Master Sword. Soon none remained.

"Way ta goo!" cheered Fox. He had a really bad Scottish accent.

"S'okay," said Link, putting his sword and shield onto his back. But he didn't notice the fiery arrow arcing down towards his head.

Fox quickly destroyed the arrow with an bolt of energy from his blaster. Then the two saw the enemy: three Moblins with bows and arrows on top of one of the Kokiri Village huts.

"No problemo," said Link. He grabbed his bow and arrows and quickly shot down the three archers.

"Way ta goo!" said Fox again.

The End

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