Rumble in the Jungle

In a large and dense jungle, a lone figure made her way through the foliage. She was wearing a large, orange metal suit. Her right arm had been transformed into a large blaster. Samus Aran clicked a button near her helmet and spoke.

"Samus Aran reporting to base over," Samus said. Ever since she had been thrown into this jungle, she could neither receive nor send radio messages. She sighed, as the familiar crackling sound of static was present on the other line. " That figures." Samus sighed. She then turned her radio off and turned her heat vision on. If there were any other life forms in this forsaken jungle, she would pick it up. Suddenly she saw a faint glow heading towards her direction. "What the heck?" She then lifted her blaster in the direction of the intuder. She turned her heat vision off and saw that this newcomer was a...

"Monkey?" Samus spoke puzzled. She had heard of primates such as this little chimpanzee living on other primitive planets but this one seemed to look different from the holo-books. "When did you little guys ever have a hat and shirt on?"


Diddy Kong waved his hands in front of this outsider. He had been running for a while, seeking help. Something had attacked him and it was coming. Diddy kept screeching at the strange warrior, hoping it would understand his dire situation.

"Well aren’t you the cutest little thing!" Samus spoke rubbing Diddy's hat. Diddy adjusted his hat and explouded. Samus recoiled quickly and aimed her blaster at him. Diddy froze, now not sure if he should have asked this person for help. Suddenly a rumbling sound shook the trees in front of them.  Diddy turned around and began to chatter furiously before jumping onto Samus's shoulders. He closed his eyes as Samus aimed her blaster in the direction of the sound. "Something big is coming our way monkey boy."

The trees then burst, exploding in shards of wood and leaves. Standing in the wreckage was a very large turtle with a spiky shell and hair that looked like flames. The creature roared again and six turtles holding hammers appeared.

One of the hammer turtles with black shades spoke. "King Koopa would like to have that little monkey you have on you back strange one," he said pointing at Diddy. Diddy's eyes grew wide and he began to chatter again, holding Samus's helmet tighter.

"Hey you overactive monkey settle down!" Samus yelled to Diddy. "I'm not going to give you up that fast." Diddy then leapt to the ground and bowed to Samus, taking off his hat in an act of courtesy. He began to kiss her feet before facing the turtles and sticking his tounge at them. Samus laughed and then aimed her blaster at the turtles. It then transformed into a missle launcher. The turtles took one step back, grinding their little teeth. Except for the big turtle. He took a step foreword and spoke.

"Alright whatever you are. That monkey's been quite a pain to me and I would rather appreciate if you just hand him over," Boswer said. He flashed his claws. "Otherwise I will have to rip you to shreds!"       


The End

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