Nintendo Ultimate crossover!!!

A story where your fave nintendo characters all meet up and battle evil! Childish? Yes i agree.

The autumn air was crisp and sweet. On a large tree stump, a strange elf in green garbs slept. Beside him was an ornate sword with a beautiful hilt. It glistened in the sun, reflecting onto a shield. On the shield was the symbol of Hyrule, in all its shining glory. Link sighed, closing his eyes.

"Sure is peaceful here." he said to himself. The Kokiri forest was relatively peaceful, the sounds of nature abound in a pale  comparison to what had once been home to various monstrosities, such as Moblins. Suddenly a small fairy began to buzz near Link's ear.

"Hey listen!" Navi yelled. Link merely stuck his fingers in his ears while Navi went through an entire encyclopedia or words to catch his attention. Navi then pulled his finger out of his ear. "THERE'S SOMEONE BATTLING A GROUP OF MOBLINS IN THE VILLAGE!" she yelled at the top of her lungs into Link's ears. Link then leapt to his feet and brought his sword up into his hand with a kick. Then ran, grabbing his shield along the way.

"Where are the villagers?" Link asked.

"Everyone's watching this new guy battle the monsters!" she replied.

Link looked forwards. "New guy eh?" he thought. "We'll see if his on our side or not. He then burst through the underbrush. He then opened his mouth, shocked at what he saw. A large group of Moblins, bulldog faced goblins, were attempting to surround someone. Link gasped as he saw the figure leap into the air. Suddenly the figure pulled out a strange object. The figure then pulled a trigger numerous times, causing flashes of light to appear and strike the Moblins. The were blown back, and then lay still. The figure landed and Link could make out the shape of... a fox wearing strange garb?"


"More of you guys comin huh?" Fox McCloud asked the Moblins approaching with shields. A large pig-like monster wielding a large spear spoke.

" Hey what's the big idea pal? We gots business to kill these pointy ears!" The pig man yelled. Fox smiled.

"Really? Well sorry but I’m afraid I can't let you do that." Fox then aimed his blaster at the Moblins and pulled the trigger. Several laser shots impacted the Moblins. But their shield did some good, protecting them at the cost of a hole burned through them.

"GET HIM!!" the pig-man shouted. The Moblins rushed at him, yelling at the top of their lungs. Fox then put his pistol back in his holster and pulled out a small device. He then counted, waiting for the Moblins to get close enough.

" NOW!" Fox yelled, clicking the button on the device. A large blue bubble surrounded him, and the Moblins collided with it. They were flung back, their weapons knocked out of their hands and landing on the ground as they were thrown into the forest behind them. Fox then turned his attention to the pig-man, who began to back away slowly. He then threw his spear but it bounced of Fox's reflector and into the ground beside him. The people of Kokiri village stared in awe as the mysterious animal leapt at the pig man. The pig man swung his fist but Fox dodged it, twirling his body and sending a kick straight to the pig-man's face. He was swung back and collided into a tree. He then stood still. Fox switched his reflector off and turned to glimpse at the strange people he had been protecting.

Suddenly they gasped. Fox turned around and came face to face with a green-garbed swordsman. He had his sword drawn and was standing in a fighting position. Fox stared at him then swung his blaster out of his holster and fired. The green warrior deflected the shot into the ground, kicking up dust. Fox then smiled at his opponent. He picked up a sword beside him and faced his challenger.

"Fox McCloud." Fox introduced, spinning the sword with skill.

"Link." the green warrior responded. He swung his sword and did a series of lighting fast thrusts, ending with a shield bash and stab to the ground. The two warriors faced each other, preparing to attack... 



The End

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