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Tsukiya is a young ninja wannabe who quickly learns the ways of Ninja-Chao when he joins ninja school. But when he says something disrespectful to his teacher-chao, he is thrown back onto the streets which he came from. He then recruits and teaches his hobo friends, but can they save the temple from Devil-Chao before it's too late???


Tsukiya stood patiently in the queue for his lunch.

   He was halfway through his first day at ninja school, and was loving every second of it. It was his twelfth birthday today: the day he'd been waiting for ever since his grandpa had told him about the ways of the ninjas when he was barely three years old. When ninja wannabes became twelve, they could finally join ninja school, where they would be taught every single animal-chao martial art sequence that existed! And only then would they take their final ninja test - if they passed, they would become a true ninja, but if they failed, that would be the end. You could only take ninja training once.

   "Wakey wakey," the dinner lady's shrill voice interrupted Tsukiya's daydreams about the future. "What shall it be then?"

   "The Special Ninja-Chao soup of the day?" Tsukiya suggested timidly.

   "Hmmn," the dinner lady grunted, ladling the soup messily into Tsukiya's bowl. However unpleasant she may have been, Tsukiya had always been taught manners by his grandpa, so he said, "Thank you," but very quietly. At this she promptly spat into his bowl.

   He ate his lunch alone, as the other students had to do. When Tsukiya peeped around the dusty courtyard he counted only four other students. His grandpa had always said that fewer numbers meant greater concentration and achievement. Tsukiya was pleased about that. Now he had a better chance of becoming a true ninja!

   "Student-chao," a deep, hoarse voice rang out across the courtyard. It was Tsukiya's teacher, ready to continue the lesson on the most basic animal martial art form - cat-chao.

   "Yes, teacher-chao?" Tsukiya replied, standing up in respect.

   "Come. You still have much to learn."

   Tsukiya walked swiftly over to the entrance of the temple. Lessons didn't actually take place in the temple, but he needed t retrieve his robes before they could contiue in the courtyard.

   Tsukiya was quite wary of his teacher. He seemed a little...weird to say the least. He was always watching him. It was creeping Tsukiya out to be honest, and as he rushed into the temple, he was shocked to find an old black-and-white photo of his own grandpa resting on a shelf in between some trophies! Perve, thought Tsukiya, as he grabbed his robe, then decided to take the photo too and confront his teacher about it.


   "Yes, student-chao?"

   "Why do you have a picture of my grandpa?" Tsukiya yelled angrily, thrusting the photo into his teacher's face.

   His teacher looked surprised for a moment, then ecstatically happy. " your grandpa?" he asked in awe

   Tsukiya nodded. "Why...?"

   But before he could get an answer, he was sweeped up in a bear hug that left him quite uncomfortable with the situation he found himself in. After about thirty seconds of awkwardness, Tsukiya pushed his teacher away and asked, "What's so good about this?"

   "Your grandpa," his teacher replied, wiping a tear from his eye, "was my teacher many years ago! He was the best ninja this school has ever seen!"

   "So," mused Tsukiya, "if you two were so close, you must know what happened to him?"

   "You don't know how your own grandpa died?" his teacher asked.

   Tsukiya shook his head, then waited for the answer that would change his life, and the way he saw his grandpa in his head, forever.

   After a few minutes, his teacher suddenly said, quite brightly, "Well, I don't know about you but I need a sandwich," and walked briskly off towards the canteen.

   Bastard, thought Tsukiya, and kicked the case of trophies.


The End

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