Nine Months and Counting: Part 15

There’s now a school of rainbow koi fish swimming all over my bathroom wall. I swirl my brush in the green paint and wipe the excess paint off on the lip of the jar. Taking a deep breath, I slowly paint lines for cattails on the banks of the koi pond. My phone vibrates loudly against the porcelain sink.

            “Michelangelo, I’m fine. What do you want?” I ask, not checking caller ID. This is the fourth time he’s called today.

            “Brynne? It’s Taylor, Dean’s mom. I was wondering if I could come over. There’s something we need to talk about.”

            All the breath leaves my body and I slowly pull the phone away from my ear, checking the number. It may not have been saved in my phone, but it’s a number that I’ll never forget.

            “Brynne?” I hear Taylor call over the phone.

            “Hey Taylor. I’m still here. Sure, that’s fine,” I say slowly, hundreds of scenarios for her visit running through my mind, each worse than the last.

            She sighs heavily. “Okay. I’ll be over there in about an hour.”

            I hang up the phone and look at the koi on the wall and curse.

The End

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