Nimble Fingers

A story about thieves, vigilantes, and assassins. :)

Marissa scaffolded down from the skylight, being careful not to touch the walls.  Upon reaching the floor, she detatched the hook on her belt, sending the wire that took her down springing back upwards towards the ceiling.

After listening to make sure the building was deserted, she took a capsule from her fannypack and launched it at the roof.  It stuck on the ceiling and the whole room was illuminated. 

She begun to move forward through the open space, but hesitated for a moment.  Marissa took a round object from her fannypack and threw it on the ground.  White smoke billowed out from the holes in the grenade, and gradually it thinned out.

What it revealed however, was unsettling. 

Red lazers shot across the room from wall to wall, making moving freely nearly impossible.  Marissa was particularly concerned by a beam hovering centimeters above her breast.  She stepped back and accidentally let a strand of her brown hair brush the lazer.  The lock floated to the ground and burned dimly. 

This is getting better every minute.  She thought to herself.

Marissa dodged the deadly red lazers through a series of impressive acrobatics.  She maneuvered around the marble surface with much atheleticism, without so much as a scratch on her clothes.  Soon, Marissa reached the end of the lazer trap and dusted off her hands.  "Piece o' cake."  She said.

Suddenly, a giant object swung down from the ceiling and hit her across the face.  It sent her flying against the stone wall headfirst, and nearly knocked her out.  Her vision blurred, and Marissa found herself struggling to hold on to consciousness.

Just then, two feet hit the floor, sending an echo riocheting throughout the room.  Marissa felt them steadily getting closer until they were right above her.  She turned to the presence, and saw a young man pointing a red rifle at her face. 

"You are a disgrace."  He said, cocking the weapon.  "Your miserable life ends here."

"T-Tempest?"  Marissa stumbled, fighting to get to her knees.

The boy smiled and moved his finger to the trigger.  "Yes, now it's time for you to die."

The End

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