Looking out of his black shades, he scans the area while sipping his coffee. Putting the cup in the holder, he runs his hand over his shaved head and looks down at his watch. Almost zero hour. Interpol had handed down credible information claiming that a wanted fugitive had been spotted here in Saint-Malo, France, and his team had been given the green light to apprehend him and return him to Russia, dead or alive. Personally, Mark knew little about this man. Everything he knew he was told by the Inspector General of CSIS, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service: ex-KGB, suspected arms dealer, specialization in nuclear technology. Stefan Nikolev; a real threat. Wanted in 3 countries including Canada - his home country - for plotting to detonate explosives in Toronto and Ottawa.

Continuing to scan the area, he spots a person of possible interest. He matches the physical profile of the man wanted by Interpol, so he made the call to take him down. Talking into his sleeve, he signals his team to move in and gets out of the truck. As he approaches the man, who is standing at a news stand, he identifies himself as per protocol, “Agent d’Interpol, pas un jeste,” The man looks over his shoulder and in a split second, he takes off running. “Damn, I knew he’d run,” he said to himself. Pulling out a police radio from his pocket, he radios in to dispatch, “In pursuit of suspect heading north on Catherine-D’Aoust… backup requested at every intersection… suspect is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous,“ then takes off after him.

Pushing through crowds and darting in and out of traffic, Agent Mark Lavallée chases the suspect until he loses sight of him. He looks around frantically to try and find him, but to no avail. Luckily, a familiar voice from his earwig brought good news, “Suspect in custody; awaiting transport”. Breathing a sigh of relief, Mark radios the arresting officer and gets his location. Shortly thereafter, he meets up with him and decides to take a good look at the man Interpol sent him to apprehend. Pulling out a folded picture from his pocket, he compares the men’s faces… and his expressions goes blank. “Something wrong, Agent?” the officer asks. “Yes,” Lavallée replies, “We’ve got the wrong man.” Dumbfounded, the arresting officer takes a moment to collect his thoughts. Out from a police van, a plain-clothed officer approaches Mark with an open cell phone. “Phone call for you, Agent,” he says. “Who is it?” Lavallée asks.

“It’s Nikolev.”

The End

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