Natalie is a girl with disassociative disorder.
This is her diary.

As I looked up, her eyes jumped off the floor and met mine.  Those dirty emerald eyes of hers, like dry summer grass. Then I saw her face, and she was beautiful. Freckles sat like stars all across her copper skin, smooth and perfect.

Her eyes were her worst feature.

They were beautiful, in a way that didn't suit her. They shimmered and streaked like water,  and flicked around like fish that swam in it. They were too animated, too alive to be real. They weren't from this world. It stood out, emerald oceans that plunged deep into her face.

I wanted to gouge them out.

They were ugly, wretched things, and I wanted to gouge them out; martyring her sight for the sake of beauty. And then she blinked. She was beautiful when she kept her eyes shut.

The End

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