Night's Embrace

Night's dark embrace was comforting. Its arms stretching far; blackening, concealing everything. Untold secrets reside within Night; things that will never see the all-too-revealing brightness of Day.

It was when I felt most alive. Anything could happen once everyone else was asleep. Secret loves, desires, ambitions revealed them selves under the ambiguity of Night. Using the inky black as a shield of invisibility, we scream to the world our inner-most wants.

This is where my story begins, the middle of Night, when anything and everything can happen.

My heart sped up to ten times its normal speed and my breathing became shallower and my temperature raised a few degrees. My split second hesitation felt like hours. Gingerly, I reached out for my phone as I simultaneously hoped and dreaded for it to ring again, indicating a call instead of a text message.

I felt alive and secretive and mischievous, alone in the embrace of Night. I used Night's irrational logic to rationalize what I was doing. All this in the split second before my phone vibrated once again in the palm of my hand.

The End

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