Nightmares of my MindMature

This is a nonfiction writing about my nightmares. It is an atempt to explore my subconscience mind.

I remember a long time ago, my cousins telling me that we dream every night and that just because we didn't remember a dream, didn't mean it never happened.

In my childhood years, I remembered most of my dreams. As I aged, however, I seemed to dream less and less. Until I remembered what my cousins had told me. I was still dreaming all the time, I just wasn't remembering them. I began writing down the ones I did remember. And eventually I seemed to start remembering them more often. Why was this? Well, my friend told me that by writing them down, my brain would eventually subconsciencely realize that it must be important to remember my dreams, therefore helping me not forget. It works.

Unfortunately, most of my dreams are terrifying. They're dreams that I wake up from, wonder what the hell could posibly be wrong with my brain to come up with something so insane and in ways, evil, and then I lay in bed, forcing myself to stay awake in fear of returning to the nightmare. And trust me, I'm not one to get easily scared...but the things I see and experience in my dreams are so disturbingly real that I wake up asking myself how it is possible that I know exactly how something I've never felt in reality, feels?

I know how it feels to get shot in the head. I know how it feels to get my skin sliced off, little by little. I know how it feels to die. All because of my dreams.

Why would I want to remember such nightmares as these? Well, I experience them no matter what, and I usually wake up in pure terror from them in the middle of the night. Not remembering something doesn't make it not happen--it wouldn't magically make all the feelings I had felt just disappear. If I remember, I can look over it...try to figure out what's going on in my subconscience...try to guess why it's going on. And I can share my experiences with you.

Just remember, that when you tell someone about a scary dream you had, and somehow, no matter how well you explain it, it comes out merely half as scary as it really was. So just keep in mind that all of the dreams you read here are even worse than they already seem. A lot worse. Past the limits of your conscience imagination...something you have to experience for yourself to know how it really feels. I hope you don't ever experience dreams like these though.

Not all my dreams are bad. Just most are. Occasionally, I get lucky and have a fun dream, an innocent dream...but only occasionally.

I'll start things off slow and easy, with the first nightmare I ever had.

This would now be considered one of my "good" dreams. I was quite young. I'm not sure what happens in the subconscience to suddenly go from innocent dreams to nightmares, but at a certain age, it happens.

At the time, I didn't realize what a true nightmare was.

The End

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