Nightmares Become Reality


The full moon was settled over the lake and shined too brightly for this night. My hand gripped the dagger tightly as I breathed calmly in and out. Calming myself down was the least I could do at a time like this. I walked calmly to the lake’s edge, knelt down and ran my fingers threw the cool water. The moon sent a wave of light so that where I stood was surrounded in it. The other side of the lake, however, was surrounded in the dark making whatever lay on the other side invisible. A swift wind blew threw the trees and was so cold that it made me shiver. On the other side of the lake I could hear the rustling of leaves and branches snapping.

Why is it that when you should be scared your not?

Why is it so hard to kill the one thing you love so much?

Why is it when that one thing is trying to kill you that you just cant bear to see it in pain?

All of these things were killing me but, for now I had to take control and kill her. I loved her so much but, I had to kill her. She was no threat but, she wanted me to do this job. She was my one true love and I felt that if I did this for her, it would show her who she really was. Another wind blew threw the trees and sounded like millions of whispery voices. Suddenly I heard footsteps from the other side of the lake. I watched breathless as I saw her come into view. She wore the beautiful scarlet dress that I had given her for her fourteenth birthday, the diamond necklace I had given her when I told her I loved her hung around her neck and a beautiful rose was pinned in her hair.

Tears built up in my eyes and one ran down my cheek. She walked slowly up to the edge of the lake on the other side and looked up to the moon. She looked back to me with her now blue green eyes. She held out her hand that, in the moonlight, was pure white. Suddenly she backed up and jumped all the way from her side of the lake to mine. She landed with a soft thud and turned to look at me. She smiled beautifully and showed her pearl white fangs. I held out my hand to her and she slid her own into mine. She walked up so that we were only an inch apart and looked deeply into my eyes.

In all the time I had known her, she was more alive than ever before.

She tilted her head up and rested it on my shoulder.

“Thank you,” she whispered in my ear “Max tells me all the time that you saved my life. I thank you for that. He also tells me everyday how much you love me. Is that true?”

“Yes,” I whispered softly.

She looked at me again and closed her eyes.

She drew back her fangs and I could tell she wanted to be as vulnerable as possible. She opened her eyes again and did something unexpected. She wrapped her cold, pale arms around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder. I carefully wrapped my arms around her waist and held her tightly.

“I…I wish I could remember. I want to remember so badly and I cant,” she whispered and I felt a cold liquid against my neck. She lifted her head so that we were seeing into each others eyes. I noticed then that she was crying, the tears ran down her pale cheeks. I then put my hand against her cheek and wiped away the tears. I pulled her to me so that there was no space between us her arms were still around my neck and I held her tightly against my chest.

“If it takes you ten years for you to get your memory back, I’ll wait for you. No matter what you’ll be the only girl out there for me. I saved your life by giving you this one and if you were to die again I’d give you my life. I love you so much I would fight off all the fears that you had. I would make everything all right. If you were in danger I would make you safe again even if it meant dying,” I whispered this and held her even tighter.

“There is only one fear that I have. That fear is losing you again,” she replied back wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

“You never lost me and your never going to,” I spoke to her softly and griped the dagger in my hand tightly again.

“Do it,” she said, her voice was as cold as the wind and just as whispery. I withdrew my arm….

The End

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