The night was spent animatedly talking battle strategy and deffencive positions, the camp seemed alive for the first time in months. I just sat, trying to tune out of everything around me....

I love you.

My eyes widened, it can't be......

I love you Aradessa, I want you to keep fighting, you can do anything aslong as you can dream.

I felt the connection cut off and as soon as he was there, he was gone.


I lifted my head "Oh, hey Dylan"

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just a little...." I sighed

"I thought you would be, but Dessa, I was gonna give you this a soon as you were back but then you were sick" he sat down next to me "Xavior told me that if he dissappeared I should give you this"

I swallowed, turning my head to face him as he pulled out an envelope.

"I didn't open it, he said it was only for you" he placed it in my hand

"Thank you Dylan" I hugged him "Your my best friend in the entire world"

"Woah, what about Lilly"

"Kay' best guy friend in the entire world"

"I think I'll agree on that" He ruffled my hair "Now how about a dance for your best guy friend?"

"If you don't mind, I think I'll..." I gestured towards the letter

"K, just don't go back to your cabin alone, Kaz and Daz are on guard duty"

I laughed "Cool, guesse that means I'll be setting up some beds tonight"

"Who said they were sleepin'?"

I rolled my eyes "Coffee then. Either way, thanks."

"Your welcome Dess" he got up and walked away, leaving me to read my letter.

I saw my name on the front and my heart skipped a beat, his handwritting looked like colligraphy, more like art than my name.

I opened the envelope and unfolded the peice of parchment.

My dearest Aradessa

If you're reading this, it means I have dissappeared. Kivuli will be the reason for this, but do not track him down and do not challenge him, he is not what he seems. I love you Aradessa, and, as I write this, I can remember all the times we have spent together, the arguments, the kisses and the songs. I want you to promise me something Aradessa, and I want you to follow my instructions:

1. Train as hard as you can

2. Keep your friends as close as possible

3. Do not give Kivuli what he wants, no matter what

4. Never give up

I promised to love you, I want you to know, no matter what, I will always love you, I will never forget you Aradessa. Keep on believing.

I love you


My eyes teared up, he can't want me to believe he's gone forever, can he? No. He told me to keep believing, he told me to never give up. And I won't, not now, not ever.

Kivuli, prepare to lose.

The End

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