For Freedom!

I found confidence in my stride as we approached the gazeebo, my stomache absent of all knots. The crowd was bigger than I'd ever seen, I could pick out the light riders though, they were dressed differently and no matter how they tried to hide it, their glows were extremely visible, to me at least. "You ready Dessa?"

"As I'll ever be"

"Don't worry Dessa, we got your back" Daz smiled

"Promise" Kaz agreed.

I smiled "Thanks guys" I walked into the centre and stepped up on stage, keep calm, just let go and say what you think, it will work out.

The crowd went quiet. "I'm sorry for calling you out at such short notice and so soon after my unexplained dissappearances, but this is an urgent matter. I have been spoken to by the shadows, by Kivuli and the twins, recieving information from all three. All three have told me what is going to happen and, whether any of us like it or not, it may result in the worst war immaginable. I am not asking you to fight with me, I am simply asking you to hear me and listen to the warning in my words."

I paused and took a deep breath, taking in each one of their faces "I have been told to not listen to the sound of a guitar, to stay far from the green and black mist and that on a noble's birthday the blue moon will be full and something will happen. I am certain that something will be happening on my birthday, the winter solstice. A blue moon will appear and it will radiate unimaginable, undiluted power. Kivuli has an impressive number of Shadows, of that I am sure and I know that he is coming, he told me he was coming for me and I have something he wants" I held up Xavior's amulet, gasps escaping from many.

"I do not ask you to fight, when the time comes I will stand and I will win, those who choose to join me can do so if they wish but I am through with the Shadows decding my life and I am through with the torture they put innocent people through and I will not rest until every single Shadow has been shown the light. I will not rest until every last Shadow is returned, I will not let any more sadness or dispair fall upon my kingdom, butchery is not something I take lightly and I intend to follow the Light. I will not let any more succomb to the darkness of that I promise you all."

I looked at every pair of eyes, seeing excitement, fear, confusion and hope. "I will stand with you" Kaz stood on my right.

"Ditto" Daz stood on my left.

"So will I" Lilly jumped up

"Me too" Logan held Lilly's hand.

"You can count the light riders in" Dylan and Cam nodded, the cheers from the Light riders decided as their consent.

"We wil stand by you Aradessa, to fight for what is right!" Kaz called

"To fight for what id Light!" Daz yelled with equal enthusiasm.

Cheering errupted from the gazeebo and I smiled, this is my family. "Thank you, I am in all of your debts"

"For Light and for Freedom!" The crowd cheered

So you have decided, so it shall be, prepare to lose princess

I am sorry to put you at an incovenience to prepare yourself Kivuli, I imagine you won't take defeat lightly."For Freedom!"

The End

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