Did I just say that out loud?

"Love the enthusiasm Dessa, but what won't you give up on exactly?"

Yep, I did say it out loud. Do I tell them the truth? "I wont give up on Xavior, he's in there somewhere, I can feel it, Kivuli won't stand in my way any longer"

"What brought this on?"

"What do you think? She said before that a Shadow sent her a message" Kaz touched his temple

"If you think about it, it's not that hard" Daz agreed

"So they sent you a message?"

I laughed once, hard and I could feel my emotions bubbling to the surface, now that the pain has gone, I feel released. "They told me that my hopes are wasted but they don't know who they're dealing with, I'm not just some deffenceless little kid, not any more!"

"Dessa is deffinately back" Cam smiled

"Thank goodness" Lilly beamed, taking my hand in the way she used to back home."We're with you all the way Dessa"

I stood up, my knees a little weak, my head spinning slightly, but everything became clear. "I'd like to call a meeting, we need to sort this Shadow problem once and for all."

"Right, logan and I will sort that, Cam and Dylan can cal up the light riders and you Aradessa, can go change"

"What do we do?"

"You two can guard the house, make sure Dessa is safe, not one hair out of place, got it?"

The twins looked at eachother and smiled "Got it"


I smiled, glad to have something to occupy my mind, glad to be back home. "Right then, lets go!" Everyone moved, working their way around HQ, Dylan and Cam ran into the forest to retreive stray Light riders and I went to my house to change with Kaz and Daz tailing me.

"Eviatas!" The house decended and we ran in, Kaz and Daz took their place guarding the central room and doors. "I'll be out ASAP, hollar if you need help"


I shut the door behind me and turned on all of the lights, not allowing a singular Shadow. I snapped off the heels and dress, deciding to make them dissappear, Shadow tricks are common and very dangerous. I washed quickly, scrubbing my face and brushing my teeth, then I set to work pulling all the pins out of my hair, letting it fall down my back.

The dress I found was practical and appropriate for the occasion, baby blue, like a clear morning and fake gold bangles to resemble the sun, dressing according to how I wanted to feel worked and I opened the door, a smile on my face, Xavior's amulet in my palm.

"Kaz, Daz, I need some help disintegrating the dress"

"'Kay" They came to stand by me in a triangle formation "think about good things, hopes, dreams, love, anything that makes you feel warm inside" Kaz instructed, his hair and eyes burning like an open flame.

"And don't let anything distract you, it is vital that you ignore everything accept the light" Daz looked very serious too, his hair seeming to flicker in a similar way to Kaz's, his eyes just as feirce.

We joined hands and despite how cheesy it sounds, it worked, I could feel their lights growing and focussing into one spot, my light blending with theirs, until finally we had something so pure, I felt like I was fully at peace.

"Darkness be gone" we all said at once and then there was a screeching sound, I opened my eyes just in time to see that same black gunk burst into flames.

"Now thats taken care of, it's time to gather in the gazeebo"

The End

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